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Nuubu Detox Foot Patch Reviews : Don’t Buy It Until You See Its Ingredients [Legit Or Scam?]

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The Nuubu Detox Foot Patch claims to eliminate toxins and impurities from the body by encouraging sweating through the feet.

Your feet are constantly exposed to toxins in socks, shoes, and even when you walk barefoot. The Nuubu Detox Foot Patch may absorb these toxins through the skin, aiding detoxification and reducing inflammation.

Nuubu Detox Foot Patch claims to support the cleansing of toxins from the blood circulating throughout the body. It may help minimize the risk of health issues associated with toxin buildup, like fatigue, brain fog, muscle aches, and inflammation.

This exclusive Nuubu Detox Foot Patch review will analyze the mechanism of these pads in supporting toxin elimination. It will also brief you about its ingredients, benefits, potential drawbacks, usage guidelines, etc.

What is Nuubu Detox Foot Patch?

According to the official site, Nuubu Detox Foot Patch is a detoxifying pad that utilizes natural herbs and extracts to remove toxins and impurities from your body.

The makers affirm that the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch formulation uses traditional Japanese wisdom. They also claim that it targets specific points on the feet to produce sweat, which helps eliminate harmful substances.

The official website states that Nuubu Detox Foot Patches are infused with added beneficial vitamins and elements. These patches appear visibly darker in response to sweat, indicating toxin removal from your body.

Nuubu Detox Foot Patch promises to significantly improve your sense of well-being by aiding detoxification, boosting immunity, improving cognitive health, and providing anti-aging benefits.

Nuubu Detox Foot Patch Review

How Does Nuubu Detox Foot Patch Work?

Nuubu Detox Foot Patch contains natural herbs and extracts, including bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar, tourmaline, and chitin. These ingredients work together to promote detoxification and support overall health.

When applied to your feet, the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch may induce sweating in the area covered by the patch. Such a mechanism may support your body’s natural toxin-removal process by activating sweat glands and inducing perspiration.

Bamboo vinegar and wood vinegar in Nuubu Detox Foot Patch may have antibacterial properties that help absorb moisture, alleviate food odors, and remove metabolic waste through sweating.

The makers also added Tourmaline to the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch. It is a natural mineral that might aid in detoxification by removing heavy metals and other impurities from the body. Chitin possesses fungicidal properties that could mitigate the chances of developing fungal foot infections and aid toxin removal.

Regular use of the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch may curb toxin buildup in the body. Such effects might minimize the symptoms commonly associated with toxin accumulation, such as brain fog, irritability, fatigue, and muscle aches.

Ingredients of Nuubu Detox Foot Patch

  • Loquat Leaf

    Loquat leaf possesses medicinal properties, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral effects. It could aid in detoxification and help curb toxin buildup in the body.

    It contains multiple antioxidants, which might protect the body against free radicals and oxidative stress. Antioxidants are essential for maintaining cellular health, which may improve the body’s detoxification processes.

    Loquats could improve your metabolic health by reducing triglycerides, insulin, and blood sugar levels. Such a mechanism may promote healthy metabolism, which enhances the body’s natural toxin-removal abilities.

    It also has antiviral properties that may inhibit the growth and replication of viruses. These effects may boost the immune system and protect against virus-induced foot infections.

  • Wood Vinegar

    Wood vinegar has antibacterial properties that may eliminate odor-causing bacteria, absorb excess moisture, and aid in removing metabolic waste from the body.

    Wood vinegar possesses detoxification properties and may support healthy blood circulation, aiding the liver’s detoxification processes by curbing toxin buildup.

  • Tourmaline

    Tourmaline could generate negative ions when exposed to heat or pressure. These negative ions help neutralize and eliminate toxins from the body, such as heavy metals and pollutants. It aids in their removal through sweat and urine.

    It also emits FIR, a type of electromagnetic radiation that penetrates deep into the body. This gentle heat promotes blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system, fostering the removal of toxins and waste products.

    Tourmaline may balance your body’s energy fields, including the chakras. It could align and harmonize these energy centers, allowing for efficient toxin elimination and restoring overall health.

  • Bamboo Vinegar

    Bamboo vinegar could eliminate foul odors from the body. It has natural deodorizing properties that may help neutralize unpleasant smells, particularly in the feet. It may especially benefit those who struggle with excessive sweating or foot odor.

    It contains acetic acid with cleansing properties. Bamboo vinegar could attract and bind to heavy metals, toxins, and metabolic waste products, aiding their elimination through sweating (from sweat pores in the feet).

    Bamboo vinegar encourages the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the body. These microorganisms may promote a healthy gut microbiome, which supports digestive health, immune function, and detoxification.

  • Houttuynia Cordata Thumb

    Houttuynia Cordata Thumb is a potent ingredient with detoxifying properties and the ability to reduce harmful inflammation in the body. It could support the liver’s natural detoxification processes, which may manifest as increased stamina and energy.

    It possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties that could curb oxidative damage in the body. Such effects may support metabolic health and aid in efficient toxin elimination from the body.

  • Dextrin

    Dextrin is a water-soluble starch that may bind to toxins and pollutants in the body, aiding their elimination. It may complement the detoxification potential of other natural herbs in the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch, providing efficient toxin elimination.

    The fiber-rich profile of dextrin may increase the frequency of bowel movements, potentially aiding detoxification. It could nourish your body with fiber and prebiotics. These nutrients might improve nutrient absorption and digestion and promote metabolic health. Such effects may create a healthy gut microbiome conducive to detoxification.

  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C has potent antioxidant properties that could help neutralize free radicals and boost overall immunity. These effects might support natural detoxification processes by flushing out toxins from the body.

    High vitamin C levels could help your body absorb minerals, shield against toxin accumulation, and leave you feeling refreshed and energized. These virtues may improve your overall health and well-being.

    Vitamin C may strengthen your immune system by supporting white blood cell production. It could shield your body against free radical damage, helping minimize the risk of chronic illnesses.

  • Chitin

    Chitin is a natural compound with fungicidal properties. It may act as a protective barrier against fungal pathogens, preventing their colonization and proliferation in the body. These effects might prevent the development of fungal infections, such as Athlete’s foot or ringworm.

    It is a natural fiber source that could shield the intestines against harmful gut bacteria. Chitin may encourage regular bowel movements and support healthy digestion. It might help cleanse your body by binding to toxins and ensuring their elimination through the intestines.

Advantages of Nuubu Detox Foot Patch

  1. Reduce Inflammation

    Nuubu Detox Foot Patch has anti-inflammatory properties that could minimize oxidative stress and curb free radical growth. These effects could bring down inflammatory enzymes and help enhance your body’s detoxification abilities.

    Unchecked or chronic inflammation may raise the risk of developing multiple health issues like heart disease, arthritis, or autoimmune disorders. Nuubu Detox Foot Patch could subside inflammation and may help prevent such risks.

  2. Eliminate Toxins

    Sweating is a natural detoxification mechanism of the body. Nuubu Detox Foot Patch stimulates sweat production in the feet, allowing accumulated toxins to be expelled through the skin. It also has cleansing properties that may support natural detoxification processes.

    Reducing toxin buildup could provide noticeable weight loss, enhance blood circulation, and improve metabolic health. It could reduce brain fog, improve mental clarity, and boost focus.

  3. Remove Brain Fog

    Toxin buildup or inflammation may trigger brain fog symptoms, like a lack of mental clarity, difficulty concentrating, and memory issues. Nuubu Detox Foot Patch usage may eliminate toxins and subside inflammation, helping minimize such occurrences.

    Reduced brain fog could lead to cognitive improvements like better decision-making abilities, increased mental clarity, and improved information processing speed.

Side Effects Of Nuubu Detox Foot Patch

The makers claim that Nuubu Detox Foot Patch does not comprise any artificial fragrances or ingredients, making it suitable for sensitive skin. However, some users could experience adverse skin reactions due to skin sensitivity or an allergic response to Nuubu Detox Foot Patch.

Nuubu Detox Foot Patch contains compounds with pyroligneous acid. When it comes in contact with your skin, pyroligneous acid could cause adverse skin reactions like burns, itching, redness, or skin irritation.

Loquat leaf in Nuubu Detox Foot Patch might trigger allergic reactions in some users. Signs of such interactions may include skin rashes, vomiting, nausea, or anaphylaxis (in severe cases).

Vitamin C in Nuubu Detox Foot Patch may induce adverse effects upon application, including itching, skin redness, irritation, or a burning sensation.

Consult a doctor if you notice adverse skin reactions or side effects upon Nuubu Detox Foot Patch. Doing so may help prevent further health risks or complications.

Usage of Nuubu Detox Foot Patch

The official Nuubu Detox Foot Patch website suggests the following steps to ensure proper application and effectiveness:

  1. Remove the paper attached to the sticky area of the pad. Place the soft side of the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch facing the skin on the center of your foot, wrapping it around the sole.
  2. Apply the second patch to the other foot using the same process. You may also apply a second patch on other body parts, such as the palm, elbow, or knee.
  3. Leave the patch on for 6-8 hours. This duration allows the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch ingredients to interact with the body and flush out toxins.
  4. After 6-8 hours, remove the patch from the foot. Wash your feet thoroughly after peeling off the pad from the skin.

Customer Response to Nuubu Detox Foot Patch

According to the official website and reviews from customers, many people have found the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch helpful for their health and getting rid of toxins.

Many users claimed to feel energized and relaxed after using the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch. Some also say they have less mental tiredness, better focus, and clearer thinking.

One person who tried the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch claimed they had more energy for daily activities, their feet smelled better, and they felt less tired.

Pricing of Nuubu Detox Foot Patch

Here are the pricing details of the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch:

  • One pack of Nuubu Detox Foot Patch is priced at $17.95, which contains 10 patches.
  • Two packs of Nuubu Detox Foot Patch shall cost $33.96, providing 20 patches.
  • You may purchase a three-pack Nuubu Detox Foot Patch bundle for $45.96, which includes 30 patches.
  • Four packs of Nuubu Detox Foot Patch are priced at $55.96, providing 40 patches.

Refund Policy of Nuubu Detox Foot Patch

The refund policy for Nuubu Detox Foot Patch allows consumers to request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If unsatisfied, you may return the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch within a month of the purchase and get a full refund.

How Long Does Nuubu Detox Foot Patch Take To Show Results?

The manufacturer suggests using the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch at night for maximum results. However, it is essential to note that the results may not be immediate.

You might notice significant changes within a few months of using Nuubu Detox Foot Patches for a few months. It is recommended to use the foot patches for as long as needed, as they do not contain harmful ingredients and are safe for long-term use.

Factors such as individual toxin levels, lifestyle, and overall health could influence the timeframe for Nuubu Detox Foot Patch results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Nuubu Detox Foot Patch Contain Artificial Fragrance or Scent?
    According to the official site, Nuubu Detox Foot Patch does not contain artificial perfumes or scents, making it suitable for sensitive skin. However, the herbs and ingredients in Nuubu Detox Foot Patch have a herbal, therapeutic aroma.
  • Can Nuubu Detox Foot Patch Remove Brain Fog?
    Nuubu Detox Foot Patch intends to eliminate toxins from the body, supporting health and well-being. It may provide antioxidant support and reduce inflammation, potentially benefiting brain function. However, there is no direct scientific evidence linking it to the reduction of brain fog.
  • When Should I Apply Nuubu Detox Foot Patch?
    You should apply one Nuubu Detox Foot Patch to the sole of your feet before going to bed. Leave the patches on overnight for optimum results.


Nuubu Detox Foot Patch may provide cleansing benefits, eliminate toxin buildup, reduce inflammation, and improve metabolic health. Applying the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch to your feet at night may help draw away toxins through perspiration.

Staying hydrated, limiting sodium intake, prioritizing antioxidant-rich foods and drinks, and getting enough sleep could complement the Nuubu Detox Foot Patch detoxification effects.

Consuming prebiotic-rich foods, refraining from alcohol, eating anti-inflammatory foods, and eliminating added sugars are some dietary detox strategies that may help flush out toxins.


  • The information in this Nuubu Detox Foot Patch review is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice.
  • It is not recommended to disregard/delay seeking professional medical advice or treatment because of what you read or accessed through this article.
  • The results may vary from individual to individual.
  • Consult your doctor for any underlying medical conditions or if you are on any prescribed medicines before using Nuubu Detox Foot Patch.
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