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MenoRescue Reviews : Don’t Buy It Until You See Its Ingredients [Legit Or Scam?]

MenoRescue Reviews
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MenoRescue claims to stabilize hormonal imbalance. It may help in managing elevated cortisol and stress hormones. It could assist women in their menopause phase by reducing menopausal discomforts.

Elevated cortisol may worsen menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, brain fog, joint discomfort, and low libido. MenoRescue promises to restore healthy cortisol levels and help alleviate these issues.

In this MenoRescue review, I shall analyze MenoRescue’s menopausal relief claims, its working mechanism, benefits, potential drawbacks, and more.

I shall also provide unbiased and evidence-based insights into MenoRescue’s hormonal support blend and help you ascertain if MenoRescue could work for you. Continue reading to know everything about MenoRescue.

What is MenoRescue?

Developed by Andrea Taylor, MenoRescue claims to tackle menopausal issues in women by promoting healthy cortisol balance.

According to the official website, MenoRescue could help regulate hormonal balance by regulating estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol.

With optimal hormonal balance, MenoRescue may help you experience flexible joints and youthful brain function. It may reduce the chances of hot flashes by keeping a stable body temperature.

It could subside menopausal problems by balancing mood, rejuvenating energy levels, supporting fat burning, and improving cognitive health.

MenoRescue Reviews

How Does MenoRescue Work?

MenoRescue could support and balance hormones throughout the transition from perimenopause to postmenopause, providing relief from menopausal symptoms.

MenoRescue contains hormone-balancing sage leaf, red clover, and black cohosh. These components may support healthy progesterone and estrogen levels and encourage energy production.

Sensoril present in the MenoRescue mix could promote healthy cortisol levels, elevate mood, and reduce muscle soreness.

MenoRescue combines phytoestrogens with herbs, berries, and plants to support healthy progesterone production.

The makers claim MenoRescue could also promote a healthy body temperature and increase fat burning. It could also support restful sleep, a balanced mood, flexible joints, and a healthy heart.

MenoRescue Ingredients

Ingredients Benefits
Sensoril (Ashwagandha) – Promotes healthy cortisol levels

– Supports hormone balance

Greenselect Phytosome (Green Tea) – Promotes healthy cortisol levels

– Aids weight loss

Rhodiola Rosea – Supports cognitive function, energy, and mood

– Provides joint comfort

Schisandra Berry – Aids sleep and alleviates hot flashes

– Supports cognitive health and boosts energy

Hormone Booster Blend – Supports estrogen and progesterone balance
Sage Leaf – Supports estrogen and progesterone levels

– Manages common menopause discomforts

– Promotes a healthy body temperature

Red Clover – Contains isoflavones similar to estrogen

– Improves overall health and happiness in menopausal women

– Reduces common menopause complaints

Black Cohosh – Supports energy, mood, body temperature, sleep, and libido in menopausal women

– Has estrogen-like properties

Chasteberry – Eases menopause discomforts

– Promotes a healthy body temperature

– Improves mood, joint comfort, and restful sleep

– Alleviates breast tenderness

  • Sensoril

    Sensoril (an advanced and patented Ashwagandha extract) could regulate healthy cortisol levels 400% better than a placebo. It could reduce markers of menopausal discomfort, including estradiol levels, follicle-stimulating hormone levels, hot flashes, and urinary symptoms. Sensoril may also aid in weight loss, promote fat burning, provide restful sleep, and safeguard joint health.

  • Greenselect Phytosome

    Greenselect Phytosome is a patented caffeine-free green tea extract formulated with absorption-boosting Phytosome technology. It could improve biochemical parameters such as cortisol, growth hormone, and total cholesterol levels. Greenselect Phytosome may accelerate metabolism, inhibit fat storage, and suppress food cravings. It may help shred the belly fat, which is noticeable during menopause.

  • Rhodiola Rosea

    Rhodiola Rosea may negate the effects of stress-related fatigue by helping lower cortisol levels in the body. It may improve mental performance and aid in subsiding menopausal discomfort. Rhodiola Rosea may possess thermoregulatory properties that help regulate body temperature. Such a mechanism could benefit women experiencing hot flashes or night sweats.

  • Schisandra Berry

    Schisandra berries could help women subside some menopausal symptoms. It could reduce the frequency and intensity of menopausal symptoms like sweating, heart palpitations, and hot flashes. It possesses phytoestrogenic effects that could replicate estrogen-like properties by activating the estrogen receptors. Schisandra berry may promote deep and restorative sleep. It has mood-balancing properties that may help stabilize emotions and promote well-being. S

  • Sage Leaf

    Sage leaf has properties that may support hormone balance. It could help subside signs of menopause in women, such as the severity and frequency of hot flashes and night sweats. Sage leaf may possess the ability to support both estrogen and progesterone levels, which may suppress menopausal discomfort caused by hormonal imbalance. Sage leaf may alleviate joint discomfort, promote a healthy body temperature, and support cognitive health, enhancing overall well-being and quality of life.

  • Red Clover

    Red clover contains isoflavones, which act as phytoestrogens, replicating the effects of estrogen in the body. It may balance hormone levels, reduce common menopause complaints, and promote overall well-being. It may reduce the severity and intensity of other signs associated with menopause, including hot flashes, anxiety, and vaginal dryness. Such effects lead to a more comfortable menopause transition. Red clover may offer a suitable substitute for hormone replacement therapy in menopausal women who prefer a more holistic approach.

  • Black Cohosh

    Black cohosh contains phytoestrogens, which replicate estrogen-like properties. These virtues help restore hormonal balance, subside menopausal symptoms, and regulate mood and body temperature. Black cohosh has sedative virtues that may improve sleep quality and duration. The estrogenic effects exhibited by black cohosh could benefit weight management in menopausal women. It might support energy levels, help uplift mood, and raise libido in menopausal women, which may improve overall quality of life.

  • Chasteberry

    Chasteberry, also called Vitex agnus-castus, may relieve menopause discomforts by supporting healthy progesterone levels. Vitex-based oils may significantly improve menopausal discomforts, including night sweats, mood regulation, sleep, and hot flashes. Menopause could cause fluctuations in body temperature, leading to hot flashes and night sweats. Chasteberry helps regulate body temperature and reduce these symptoms.

  • BioPerine

    BioPerine is a patented and enhanced black pepper extract that helps accelerate the absorption of the other ingredients in MenoRescue. It contains a bioactive compound, piperine, that could increase the bioavailability of other nutrients and help the body efficiently utilize other ingredients in MenoRescue.

MenoRescue Benefits

  1. It May Support Healthy Hormone Levels

    MenoRescue may regulate estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol hormone levels that could stabilize hormonal balance and subside the menopausal discomforts associated with unregulated hormone levels. You may experience reduced hot flashes and an improved libido.

  2. It May Improve Fat Burning Process

    MenoRescue could promote fat oxidation, leading to a higher fat-burning rate. It may help shred excessive fat and improve overall physique. MenoRescue may regulate cortisol levels and help prevent the accumulation of belly fat, aiding in weight loss.

  3. It Could Promote Energy Levels

    MenoRescue contains thermoregulatory properties, which regulate body temperature and help burn stored fat for energy production. These virtues may result in sustained energy throughout the day and prevent energy crashes. You might experience reduced fatigue, improved mood, and enhanced vitality due to the energy-boosting virtues of MenoRescue.

MenoRescue Side Effects

Although MenoRescue is generally well-tolerated and has minimal reported side effects, it may cause potential health interactions, including dizziness, dry mouth, or digestive distress in some people.

Some users may have sensitivities or allergies to ingredients in MenoRescue, such as sage leaf, red clover, or black cohosh, which could result in adverse reactions.

Signs of such allergic responses might include seizures, nausea, headache, stomach upset, and weight gain.

Rhodiola and chasteberries in MenoRescue may cause side effects such as excessive salivation, dry mouth, gastrointestinal disturbances, and dizziness.

Therefore, thoroughly read the MenoRescue product label and abide by the recommended dosage instructions to minimize the risk of potential adverse reactions.

MenoRescue Dosage

According to the official site, the recommended dosage is taking two MenoRescue capsules daily in the morning, with breakfast, which may provide optimal hormonal balancing results.

Is MenoRescue Scam Or Legit?

MenoRescue has disclosed the complete list of ingredients and their composition on the official MenoRescue website.

The official website shows that MenoRescue has a gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly ingredient formulation. The makers also mention that MenoRescue is crustacean-free, nut-free, and egg-free.

Made in the USA in an FDA-approved facility, MenoRescue adheres to cGMP guidelines. Such assertions indicate that MenoRescue follows stringent quality control and manufacturing measures.

It has received positive consumer feedback, with most women reporting a significant reduction in menopausal symptoms, better energy levels, and improved weight management after using MenoRescue.

MenoRescue offers a generous 180-day refund guarantee, demonstrating the manufacturer’s faith in MenoRescue’s formulation. Based on these factors, MenoRescue seems to be a legitimate product.

MenoRescue Consumption Results

After consuming MenoRescue, most women have reported noticeable improvements in menopausal symptoms such as sleep quality, hot flashes, mood, and overall well-being.

One verified MenoRescue consumer experienced a 13-pound weight loss, reduced mood swings, and enhanced energy after consistently using MenoRescue.

Another MenoRescue user reported a reduction of two inches from her waistline, the non-existence of hot flashes, and better mental clarity after using MenoRescue.

The testimonials from women who tried MenoRescue are consistent in their positive experiences. Many women have mentioned a reduction in the frequency and duration of hot flashes, which are disruptive and uncomfortable.

However, these reported improvements represent individual experiences and may vary from user to user. The disparities in results may arise due to age, severity of menopausal conditions, or overall health.

MenoRescue Pricing

Women can purchase one MenoRescue jar for $59, a three-bottle MenoRescue pack for $147 ($49 per bottle), and six MenoRescue jars for $234 ($39 per jar).

MenoRescue Refund Policy

MenoRescue offers an ironclad 180-day money-back guarantee on all its purchases. If unsatisfied, you could return the opened/unopened MenoRescue bottle(s) within six months of purchase and get a full refund.

Where To Buy MenoRescue?

You may purchase MenoRescue exclusively through the official MenoRescue site to ensure an authentic and reliable purchase experience.

How Long Does MenoRescue Take To Show Results?

According to the official site, taking MenoRescue consistently for three to six months may provide sustainable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can MenoRescue Be Taken Alongside Other Medications or Supplements?
    MenoRescue could interact with immunosuppressants, antihypertensive drugs, diabetes medications, or other supplements.
  2. Is MenoRescue Safe for Individuals With Food Allergies?
    The official site shows that MenoRescue contains a vegan-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free ingredient profile. It is also free from BPAs, GMOs, nuts, eggs, and crustaceans. However, you should look for underlying food allergies before trying MenoRescue.
  3. Does MenoRescue Work During Perimenopause and Postmenopause?
    According to the makers, MenoRescue could provide optimal hormonal balance throughout the transition from perimenopause to postmenopause.


MenoRescue may improve hormonal balance and help subside debilitating menopausal symptoms. However, taking it with a proper diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle could expedite the results.

If suffering from severe menopausal symptoms such as urinary incontinence, premature menopause, or other worsening signs, consult a doctor before considering MenoRescue usage.

Maintaining a moderate weight, eating calcium and vitamin D-rich foods, increasing the intake of phytoestrogen-rich foods, and exercising regularly help subside menopausal signs naturally.

  • The information in this MenoRescue review is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice.
  • It is not recommended to disregard/delay seeking professional medical advice or treatment because of what you read or accessed through this review.
  • The results may vary from individual to individual.
  • Consult your doctor for any underlying medical conditions or if you are on any prescribed medicines before using MenoRescue.
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