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Ligan 4033 Reviews: Ligandrol Alternative & Scam Update

Ligan 4033 Review
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Developed by CrazyBulk, Ligan 4033 claims to enhance muscle mass, strength, and physical performance.

It aims to support healthy testosterone levels, which provides more energy and stamina to push harder during workouts. 

Does Ligan 4033 provide you with increased energy and lean muscle growth? This Ligan 4033 review shall provide analytical and unbiased insight into its advertised muscle and strength enhancement claims.

The exclusive Ligan 4033 review shall also explore its working mechanism, ingredient profile, potential benefits, drawbacks, and more. 

What is Ligan 4033?

According to the official website, Ligan 4033 is a safe and legal alternative to harmful sarm, Ligandrol LGD-4033. It is formulated to provide the benefits of LGD-4033 without harmful side effects such as liver damage, increased stroke risk, etc.

Ligan 4033 is popular among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and bodybuilders because it provides lean muscle bulk and reduces recovery post-exercise.

The makers claim Ligan 4033 boosts total testosterone levels without suppression, enhances lifting capacity and provides explosive energy during workouts.

Ligan 4033 Review

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How Does Ligan 4033 Work?

Ligan 4033 claims to support healthy testosterone levels. It may reduce muscle inflammation and oxidative stress, which causes micro tears in the muscles during exercise. 

The makers believe that with increased nitric oxide flow from Ligan 4033 consumption, you could experience improved blood circulation to the muscles, promoting power production, endurance, and faster muscle recovery.

VitaCholine in Ligan 4033 promotes healthy lipid metabolism. It may help reduce fat accumulation by utilizing stored fatty acids as an energy source.  

Ligan 4033 Ingredients

  • Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 may boost testosterone production by stimulating muscle protein synthesis, which enhances muscle growth and strength.

    A deficiency in D vitamins may lead to a decline in testosterone levels and decrease physical performance, endurance, and strength.

    Vitamin D3 may support muscle contractility, coordinate muscle function, increase bone density, and reduce muscle soreness and pain.

  • VitaCholine

    VitaCholine is a patented and enhanced choline extract that modulates lipid metabolism and protein synthesis and contributes to muscle growth and function. It may improve nerve-muscle connection, muscle stamina, and muscle contraction. Such effects help boost endurance and stamina during workouts.

  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

    Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) is a sulfur-rich compound that supports joint health and reduces exercise-induced inflammation. It has anti-inflammatory properties that may help subside muscle inflammation, soreness, and fatigue. MSM may prevent muscular strains by providing structure and integrity to the tendons and ligaments, which reduces the risk of injury.

  • Beetroot

    Beetroot may help boost nitric oxide synthesis, which may enhance exercise performance. It could enhance muscle power output by promoting muscle-shortening velocity and help support muscle contraction. Beetroot also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that aid muscle recovery and reduce exercise-induced muscle damage.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous

    Caffeine Anhydrous is a stimulant that could trigger the central nervous system to improve alertness, strength, and muscle performance.

    It may encourage the release of adrenaline, which activates the fight-or-flight response and prepares the body for physical exertion. Such a mechanism may improve athletic performance by increasing endurance and power. It could negate the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness, promote fat burning, and improve energy levels.

  • Schisandra 10:1 Extract

    Schisandra 10:1 extract is a botanical extract with adaptogenic qualities that boosts the body’s resistance to stress and promotes recovery. It could support protein synthesis, stimulate growth and development, and prevent muscle atrophy.

Ligan 4033 Benefits

  1. Build Lean Physique

    Ligan 4033 promotes a healthy lipid metabolic profile, which aids in fat oxidation and contributes to a leaner physique. When combined with resistance training and proper nutrition, Ligan 4033 increases muscle fiber density, improves muscle capacity, and enhances strength. These effects help shed fat composition and provide you with lean muscle gains.

  2. Boost Energy Levels

    Ligan 4033 contains stimulant properties that could induce wakefulness, alertness, and energy production. It could support mitochondrial growth and function, which aids in reducing fatigue and imparts boosted energy.

  3. Increases Testosterone Naturally

    Ligan 4033 may help improve protein synthesis and reduce fat metabolism. Such effects may raise testosterone levels, supporting your strength and muscle gains.

Side Effects of Ligan 4033

The makers assert that Ligan 4033 has minimal side effects. However, some users may experience headaches, stomach pain, or nausea, which tends to subside as the body adjusts to Ligan 4033. 

Vitamin D3, MSM, and beetroot in Ligan 4033 may lead to weakness, constipation, bloating, diarrhea, or changes in urine color.

Caffeine Anhydrous in Ligan 4033 is known as a stimulant. It may cause anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, or increased heart rate in some people. It may make you experience jitteriness and uneasiness, which could disturb your sleeping schedule.  

Consult a physician before taking Ligan 4033, especially if you are on prescription medication or undergoing testosterone therapy.

Ligan 4033 Dosage

Take four Ligan 4033 capsules with water, preferably 20 minutes before the first meal, to notice optimal muscle growth results.

Is Ligan 4033 Scam Or Legit?

The makers advertise Ligan 4033 as a safe and legal substitute for Ligandrol LGD-4033, minus the side effects. They claim it could help you stack lean muscle and boost testosterone.

The complete Ligan 4033 ingredient profile and its composition are mentioned on the product label. Such a transparency policy may safeguard its legitimacy and effectiveness.

It has received positive consumer feedback, with users reporting improved muscle growth, endurance, and recovery after consistently using Ligan 4033.

CrazyBulk offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for Ligan 4033. This shows makers’ trust in the formulation and its effectiveness. 

Ligan 4033 Consumption Results

Most users have noticed significant muscle growth, definition, and physical performance improvements after consistently using Ligan 4033.

Some fitness buffs have witnessed increased lifting capacity and enhanced strength after using Ligan 4033.

One verified Ligan 4033 user observed a 10-pound muscle gain after consistently using Ligan 4033 with a caloric surplus diet and resistance training.

Another Ligan 4033 user reported improved mood and enhanced energy after two weeks of consistent usage.

However, the consumption results vary for people depending on age, metabolism, lifestyle, or other factors.

Ligan 4033 Pricing

According to the official website, the pricing for Ligan 4033 is $69.99 for one jar. You can get three Ligan 4033 bottles for $139.99 and a five-pack bundle of Ligan 4033 for $209.99.

Ligan 4033 Refund Policy

Ligan 4033 offers a 60-day refund policy. If unsatisfied, you may return the used or unused Ligan 4033 bottle with the original packaging and get a full refund within 67 days of the purchase.

Where To Buy Ligan 4033?

To purchase Ligan 4033, interested customers may visit the official CrazyBulk website. Doing so ensures an authentic and genuine purchase.

How Long Does Ligan 4033 Take To Show Results?

The official site recommends taking Ligan 4033 for at least 2-3 months to notice optimal results. The time it takes for Ligan 4033 to show results may vary from person to person based on individual body composition, diet, exercise routine, or overall lifestyle. However, many users typically start noticing significant changes within 1-3 weeks of consistent Ligan 4033 use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ligan 4033 Be Taken While on Prescription Medication or Testosterone Therapy?

You should take Ligan 4033 under the guidance of a healthcare professional, especially if taking prescription medication or undergoing testosterone therapy. 

Do I Require a Prescription Before Taking Ligan 4033?

No, the company claims that Ligan 4033 comprises safe and legal ingredients that do not require a doctor’s prescription before usage.

Are There Any Potential Drug Interactions or Contraindications With Ligan 4033?

The individual components in Ligan 4033 may interfere with anticholinergic drugs, antihypertensive medications, or hormonal medications and cause adverse health complications.


Ligan 4033 may support healthy testosterone levels, enhance muscle mass, and improve physical performance. However, taking it with a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle may complement Ligan 4033’s results.

Maintaining ideal body weight, increasing protein consumption, mixing cardio with strength training, and getting sufficient sleep may boost testosterone levels naturally.

Focusing on muscle-building exercises, increasing training frequency, tracking your macronutrient intake, and staying hydrated may help enhance and preserve your muscle mass. 


  • The information in this Ligan 4033 review is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice.
  • It is not recommended to disregard/delay seeking professional medical advice or treatment because of what you read or accessed through this review.
  • The results may vary from individual to individual.
  • Consult your doctor for any underlying medical conditions or if you are on any prescribed medicines before using Ligan 4033.
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