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Testol 140 Review: Safer Alternative To Testolone RAD-140 Or A Scam?

Testol 140 Review
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Testol 140 claims to mimic the muscle-building effects of RAD-140 (a synthetic SARM) through naturally sourced compounds. It may enhance protein synthesis, which could accelerate muscle growth and repair, improve post-workout recovery, and reduce muscle damage.

It could help shed excess body fat, revealing lean muscle mass and definition. Testol 140 may support the body’s natural testosterone production, which could improve muscle growth, strength, and overall metabolic health.

Can Testol 140 improve lean muscle growth and shed excess fat? This exclusive Testol 140 review shall analyze its effectiveness in supporting muscle gains and optimizing testosterone levels.

The review shall be based on Testol 140’s working mechanism, ingredients, benefits, potential drawbacks, brand reputation, and more.

What is Testol 140?

According to the official site, Testol 140 is a safe and legal substitute for the SARM RAD-140. It could mimic the anabolic effects of RAD-140 and support rapid muscle gains.

Unlike traditional SARMs, Testol 140 claims to offer similar anabolic benefits while reducing the risk of potential side effects like hormonal imbalances, hair loss, liver toxicity, sexual dysfunction, and cognitive issues.

Testol 140 contains clinically tested ingredients like magnesium, zinc, vitamin D3, and KSM-66 ashwagandha. These ingredients may boost testosterone levels, which may assist in developing lean muscle, reducing body fat, and optimizing strength and performance.

It may support your bulking efforts by potentially increasing muscle size and volume, improving muscle strength and definition, and elevating testosterone levels. Testol 140 aims to gradually provide anabolic gains safely and naturally.

Testol 140 may boost thermogenesis, helping burn fat while preserving muscle during a calorie deficit. The dual action might support both muscle-building and fat-cutting phases, making it ideal for anyone looking to improve their body composition.

Testol 140 Review

Features Of Testol 140

According to the official website, Testol 140 offers the following features and advantages:

  • Supports Bulking Goals: Testol 140 may trigger anabolic (muscle-building) processes like protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. These processes might help you pack on lean muscle mass, increase muscle size, and enhance overall strength, potentially supporting your bulking efforts.
  • Burns Excess Fat: Testol 140 may raise the core body temperature to burn more calories and fat, a process called thermogenesis. It could help metabolize and convert stored fat cells into usable energy, potentially resulting in reduced body fat percentage.
  • Improves Strength and Performance: Testol 140 may stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which could enhance muscle fiber density and strength. Such effects may allow you to lift heavier weights and perform more intense workouts. It might lead to better performance during the workouts and faster progress towards fitness goals.
  • Supports Testosterone Synthesis: Testol 140 contains compounds like zinc, fenugreek, and vitamin B6. These ingredients may signal the luteinizing hormone (in the testis) to produce more testosterone. Increased T levels may optimize lean muscle growth, strength, fat reduction, and overall vitality.
  • Promotes Faster Recovery: Testol 140 could help increase blood circulation throughout the body, including the muscle cells. It may also help stimulate protein synthesis. Together, these processes may reduce muscle soreness, ensuring that you train more frequently and with less downtime.
  • Legal and Safe Alternative to SARMs: The makers advertise Testol 140 as a legal and safe substitute for the SARM RAD-140. It could deliver similar anabolic benefits as SARMs without the associated health risks, making it a safer choice for enhancing performance and muscle growth.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The manufacturer of Testol 140 offers a generous 60-day refund policy on all orders, demonstrating their faith in Testol 140’s effectiveness. It provides a risk-free trial period for people who are skeptical about Testol 140’s efficacy. 

Who Should Consider Taking Testol 140?

If you are looking to develop significant muscle mass and increase strength, you might benefit from taking Testol 140. It might enhance protein synthesis to stimulate natural muscle growth and improve workout performance.

For people involved in competitive sports or bodybuilding, Testol 140 offers a legal and natural substitute for anabolic steroids. It may promote muscle hypertrophy, enhance strength, and reduce recovery times, supporting improved exercise performance.

If you regularly engage in intense workout sessions, you may find using Testol 140 helpful. It might reduce muscle fatigue and increase endurance, helping enhance your stamina and performance during prolonged training periods.

Testol 140 may also help those aiming to achieve a leaner physique. It could boost metabolism and promote fat loss while retaining lean muscle mass. Such benefits may help achieve a toned and defined physique.

How Does Testol 140 Work?

Testol 140 contains compounds like magnesium, fenugreek, Senactiv, etc. These compounds may stimulate androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissues, thereby supporting lean muscle growth and increasing bone density.

Zinc and vitamin B6 may support the body’s ability to trigger protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. These processes could support muscle hypertrophy and recovery, providing quality muscle gains.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in Testol 140 might help reduce body fat and provide a leaner body composition. A leaner muscle mass composition could help reduce overall body fat percentage, supporting muscle growth and definition.

Testol 140 also has magnesium that may promote protein synthesis, which could help the muscles recover faster post-exercise. It could also improve muscle contractility, potentially reducing muscle spasms that may interfere with workout performance and gains.

The creators also added Senactiv (a patented Panax ginseng extract)to their Testol 140 formula, which may help support testosterone production by targeting specific androgen receptors. Elevated testosterone levels might help enhance muscle strength and size, improve endurance, and enhance overall vitality.

Testol 140 could help increase oxygen and nitric oxide delivery to muscle tissues. Such a mechanism may reduce muscle fatigue, boost endurance during intense workouts, and minimize muscle soreness and damage.

Benefit Mechanism Outcome
Muscle Mass Increase Boosts protein synthesis and testosterone Significant muscle growth
Enhanced Performance Improves endurance and reduces fatigue Better workout efficiency
Metabolic Boost Increases thermogenesis Enhanced fat-burning and energy
Reduced Recovery Time Promotes quicker muscle repair Faster recovery post-workout

Testol 140 Ingredients

  • Magnesium

    Magnesium may trigger protein synthesis, a process that supports the recovery and growth of muscles post-exercise. Increased protein synthesis may help increase lean muscle mass, enhancing overall muscle function and performance.

    Adequate magnesium levels help maintain proper muscle contraction, which is essential during intense physical activities.

    It may help signal the cells to generate more energy by synthesizing ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a primary energy source for cellular function. Such effects may boost energy levels to support physical activities.

  • Zinc

    Zinc could support the body’s natural testosterone production by optimizing hormonal balance. Increased testosterone levels may positively impact muscle growth, strength, and athletic performance.

    It also contributes to protein synthesis and DNA production, fundamental processes for muscle growth and repair. Protein synthesis helps increase muscle hypertrophy (size), and DNA production is necessary for cell replication and tissue repair.

    Zinc’s ability to support these processes may promote faster recovery post-exercise and sustained muscle development. It might also help strengthen the immune system, which could contribute to reduced risk of diseases and healthy testosterone function.

    Function Role of Zinc
    Testosterone Synthesis Supports natural hormone production, enhancing muscle mass and performance
    Immune Function Maintains immune response, protecting against infections
    Protein Synthesis Supports muscle growth and recovery
    DNA Production Essential for cell replication and tissue repair
  • Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) may assist in supporting red blood cell production and maintaining healthy nitric oxide levels. These processes could optimize muscle growth, reduce fatigue, and support muscle gains.

    Enhanced red blood cell production provided by vitamin B6 may improve oxygen delivery to muscles during strenuous workouts. Such effects could boost endurance and overall athletic performance.

    Vitamin B6 also plays a part in amino acid metabolism, which helps support protein synthesis, a process necessary for muscle growth and repair. It could result in significant improvements in muscle endurance, strength, and overall performance.

  • Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 (a fat-soluble vitamin) may help the intestines absorb more calcium and phosphorus, supporting bone mineralization. Such a process could help maintain bone integrity and optimal muscle function.

    Adequate vitamin D3 levels might support muscle contractions and improve neuromuscular coordination. It might enhance resistance training or high-intensity workouts, as it optimizes muscle performance and athletic output.

    Inflammation is a natural reaction to muscle stress and damage during intense workouts. Vitamin D3 could help reduce inflammation, which may accelerate muscle recovery post-exercise.

    There is a potential link between vitamin D3 and muscle strength. For instance, vitamin D3 deficiency may cause muscle weakness and increase the risk of falls/injuries in older adults.

  • CLA

    Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) might help reduce body fat percentage while preserving lean muscle mass. The dual action may benefit those aiming to achieve a lean physique without compromising muscle integrity.

    It could promote thermogenesis and increase energy expenditure. These processes may enable your body to burn more fat and calories and boost metabolism, thereby accelerating fat loss.

    CLA may help target fat reduction from stubborn areas like the hips, abdomen, and thighs. It might also assist in suppressing appetite and hunger, making it easier to adhere to a caloric deficit and achieve weight loss goals.

  • Fenugreek

    Fenugreek may help boost testosterone levels, thereby promoting greater muscle hypertrophy and strength gains. It might increase androgen levels, which could encourage the synthesis of protein to enhance muscle growth and repair.

    It could modulate hormonal levels to improve mood stability and sexual health, contributing to overall well-being.

    Fenugreek may positively impact cognitive function and mental alertness. Enhanced cognitive performance may improve focus, motivation, and overall mental clarity.

  • KSM66 Ashwagandha

    KSM-66 ashwagandha (a patented extract) possesses adaptogenic effects. It helps reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which may positively impact testosterone levels, muscle growth, and libido.

    It could improve physical performance by enhancing strength, endurance, and muscle recovery. Such effects may particularly benefit athletes and fitness enthusiasts aiming to optimize their training outcomes.

    Ashwagandha’s ability to reduce cortisol levels may improve cognitive function, mood, and mental alertness. It helps reduce oxidative stress within neural pathways, which may preserve cognitive health and improve mental clarity.

  • Senactiv

    Senactiv (a patented Panax ginseng and Rosa Roxburghii extract) targets specific androgen receptors to stimulate testosterone production. Such a mechanism may promote anabolic processes essential for increasing muscle size and strength.

    Panax ginseng may reduce cortisol levels, which could improve cognitive function and physical performance. It helps signal the body to produce more testosterone, potentially resulting in increased muscle mass and endurance.

    Rosa Roxburghii contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. They might help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, supporting muscle recovery and minimizing the risk of muscle fatigue and injury.

Review of Testol 140

  1. Enhance Lean Muscle Mass

    Testol 140 may promote protein synthesis, an anabolic process that supports muscle growth and repair. It provides the required building blocks for muscles to become stronger and leaner.

    It could target specific muscle receptors, optimizing lean muscle formation and increasing bone density. Testol 140 could enable the muscles to retain more nitrogen, which may reduce muscle fatigue and promote quicker recovery post-exercise.

    Increased lean muscle composition may help your body burn more fat and calories by improving the metabolic rate. It may also improve muscle definition, enhance strength, and help preserve joint health.

  2. Boost Metabolism Rate

    Testol 140 may stimulate thermogenesis and enhance the body’s metabolic rate. These processes could boost calorie burning even during periods of inactivity, helping reduce overall body fat percentage.

    It may help maintain lean muscle mass during cutting cycles, preventing muscle breakdown while optimizing fat loss. Increased metabolic rate may target weight loss and enhance muscle definition, providing a balanced body composition.

    Enhanced metabolism could improve energy levels, help prevent weight gain, and improve overall sleep quality.

  3. Promote Muscle Development

    Testol 140 may promote an anabolic state, which could increase muscle size and strength. It helps support muscle protein synthesis, which may enhance lean muscle growth, improve recovery times, and optimize muscle fullness.

    It contains anti-inflammatory properties that might improve endurance and reduce muscle fatigue. Testol 140 may minimize recovery time during intense workouts, enabling you to enhance training frequency and intensity, complementing bulking goals.

Testol 140 Side Effects

The makers advertise Testol 140 as a safe and effective SARM alternative, with minimal to no reported side effects upon consumption. However, some users might encounter mild digestive discomfort, abdominal pain, and nausea after using Testol 140.

Some users may experience temporary headaches or dizziness, likely due to the body’s initial reaction to Testol 140 ingredients. Although rare, there is a potential for increased liver strain if Testol 140 dosages exceed recommended limits.

Magnesium in Testol 140 may cause potential side effects like stomach upset, low blood pressure, cramps, or diarrhea. Zinc may lead to a metallic sensation in the mouth, stomach pain, vomiting, or nausea, especially if taken in high doses.

Vitamin B6 may cause adverse interactions in some users, including heartburn, lack of muscle coordination, numbness, nausea, or appetite loss. Fenugreek may cause gastrointestinal side effects like nausea, diarrhea, or other digestive tract issues.

Adhering to the recommended Testol 140 dosage and duration might minimize these risks. Overuse or prolonged consumption without medical supervision may exacerbate side effects, particularly those related to liver health.

Testol 140 Dosage

The makers suggest taking 4 Testol 140 capsules daily with water, preferably 30-45 minutes before workouts, to achieve the desired anabolic and performance outcomes.

The table below summarizes the dosage instructions for Testol 140:

Parameter Details Notes
Recommended Dosage Four capsules Pre-workout
Timing 30-45 minutes before lifting Enhances workout performance
Frequency Daily Consistent use is advised
Duration 2-3 months For noticeable gains

Pros And Cons


  • Provides a legal and safe alternative to SARMs
  • May promote muscle gains, enhance pumps, and boost recovery
  • Could reduce body fat and improve muscle definition
  • May boost testosterone levels naturally
  • Might support bulking goals and enhance muscle volume
  • Offers a 60-day refund policy


  • Variations in results and effectiveness
  • Requires consistent use to deliver results
  • Potential for side effects and allergic reactions

Testol 140 Consumption Results

Most users experience improvements in muscle fullness, energy levels, and workout recovery after consistently using Testol 140. Consumers also praise Testol 140’s efficacy in enhancing muscle size, boosting strength, and reducing excess fat.

Consumers noted a reduction in muscle soreness and fatigue, feeling re-energized post-workout. It allowed them to engage in more intensive workout sessions and increase their training frequency, leading to improved muscle gains and performance.

One user claimed to experience significant improvements in muscle hypertrophy, muscle definition, and vascularity after taking Testol 140 for some months. Another Testol 140 consumer observed improved stamina during lifting sessions and enhanced muscle volume.

Most customer responses conveyed positive outcomes, though a few mentioned instances of minor digestive discomfort. After taking Testol 140, some users experienced stomach pain, cramps, and bloating.

However, personal experiences with Testol 140 may vary based on age, activity levels, diet, and health status. You should consider personal fitness goals and consult a nutritionist/doctor before considering using Testol 140.

Is Testol 140 Safe?

Testol 140 claims to be a legal substitute for SARMs like Testolone (RAD-140) and is generally considered safe for most users when taken as directed. However, its safety and effectiveness might vary among users.

As per the makers, Testol 140 contains research-backed and natural ingredients like zinc, magnesium, fenugreek, and vitamin B6. These compounds are proven effective in supporting healthy testosterone levels and quality muscle gains.

SARMs may cause various side effects like hair loss, liver dysfunction, sleep issues, etc. Testol 140 is a safe alternative to SARMs, which supports muscle growth and performance without inducing side effects associated with SARMs.

Testol 140 Pricing

The official website offers three different packages from which you can select from. You can buy one jar of Testol 140 for $69.99, three Testol 140 bottles for $139.99 ($46.66 each), and a six-bottle Testol 140 package for $209.99 ($34.99 each).

Testol 140 Refund Policy

The manufacturer offers a 60-day refund guarantee on all Testol 140 purchases. If unsatisfied, you may return the Testol 140 jar(s) within 67 days of purchase and get a refund.

Where To Buy Testol 140?

The only reliable source for purchasing Testol 140 is the official CrazyBulk website. Purchasing from the official CrazyBulk site ensures that you get a high-quality product, thereby avoiding the risks associated with counterfeit or substandard products from unofficial channels.

How Long Does Testol 140 Take To Show Results?

You may observe initial benefits in energy levels, strength, and endurance within 2 weeks of consistent use. However, the makers suggest taking Testol 140 for at least 2-3 months to obtain sustainable muscle growth and performance outcomes.

Users of Testol 140 should consume a protein-rich diet and engage in consistent resistance training to optimize the anabolic benefits of Testol 140. The timeline for experiencing results with Testol 140 might vary based on diet, body fat levels, and overall health.

Brand Reputation

CrazyBulk (the company behind Testol 140) has a reputation for producing high-quality health and performance-enhancement products. Testol 140’s users experience improved muscle and strength gains, which may solidify the company’s brand reputation.

The use of clinically-backed ingredients like zinc, CLA, and fenugreek lends credibility to Testol 140’s claims of boosting natural testosterone levels and promoting muscle growth.

We analyzed Testol 140 user reviews on reliable websites like Amazon, Trust Pilot, and Better Business Bureau. At the time of writing this article, Trust Pilot gave CrazyBulk a rating of 4 out of 5, with 70% of the total reviews giving it a 5-star rating.

However, we could not find any information about the reviews and ratings given to Testol 140 by the Better Business Bureau and Amazon websites.

How Did We Evaluate Testol 140?

  1. Safety

    According to the official site, Testol 140 contains natural and safe ingredients like magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6, and KSM-66 ashwagandha. The natural composition may reduce the likelihood of adverse side effects commonly associated with SARMS, like RAD-140.

    The makers state that Testol 140 is made in lab facilities that follow strict quality control measures and safety regulations. These standards may ensure that Testol 140 meets quality and safety requirements, minimizing the likelihood of contamination.

    However, existing health conditions or personal sensitivities may influence how you respond to the ingredients in Testol 140. Therefore, you should stay aware of potential allergens or any contraindications associated with Testol 140 to reduce adverse reactions.

  2. Effectiveness

    Testol 140 combines natural compounds that could raise testosterone levels and encourage protein synthesis. These processes may help you pack on lean muscle, support body fat reduction, and boost metabolism and endurance.

    Many users have observed notable improvements in muscle definition, strength levels, and overall stamina after using Testol 140. These results may highlight Testol 140’s effectiveness in supporting anabolic gains and improving athletic performance.

    The makers state that Testol 140 may optimize muscle growth and testosterone levels within 2-3 months of regular use. However, personal experiences and outcomes might vary between users.

  3. Cost

    Testol 140 is competitively priced at $69.99 among bulking formulations in the market. The cost of Testol 140 may vary based on factors like the quantity purchased, ongoing discounts, and the supplier from which it is obtained.

    You may avail yourself of the benefits of reduced costs by purchasing bulk orders of Testol 140. For instance, buying 3 Testol 140 bottles will reduce the cost per unit of Testol 140 to $46.66.

    All purchase options include fast and free shipping, ensuring that you receive Testol 140 promptly without additional costs. It may increase the cost-effectiveness of Testol 140, especially for athletes or fitness enthusiasts.

  4. Convenience

    The capsule form of Testol 140 eliminates the need for mixing powders or measuring scoops. Testol 140’s four-capsule-a-day dose may streamline the consumption process by eliminating the need for multiple doses throughout the day.

    It offers a rapid absorption formula, providing a boost of energy and enhancing workout potential.

    The regularity of the Testol 140 dosing schedule may help you form a consistent habit, which could help you achieve long-term fitness goals. Testol 140 also offers compact packaging, making it easy to store and carry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Testol 140 Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians?
    The official CrazyBulk website does not disclose if Testol 140 is suitable for vegan or vegetarian consumption. For any such queries, you should consult the manufacturer or read the official product label.
  • Can Testol 140 Be Taken on Non-Workout Days?
    You could take Testol 140 on both workout and non-workout days. Taking it on non-workout days may help maintain consistent levels of Testol 140’s active ingredients in the body. It could support continuous muscle growth, boost metabolism, and sustain testosterone levels.
  • Are There Any Known Interactions With Common Medications?
    Testol 140 contains natural extracts that may negatively interact with certain antibiotics, antihypertensive drugs, and blood thinners. Therefore, consult a doctor before combining Testol 140 with prescription medications to maximize safety and prevent potential adverse effects.
  • What Are the Storage Recommendations for Testol 140?
    For optimal preservation, you should store Testol 140 in a dry, cool environment far from humidity and overhead sunlight. Ensure the container remains tightly sealed. Keep it out of reach of children and refer to storage guidelines on the packaging.


Testol 140 may provide a safer and legal substitute to SARMs by mimicking the same anabolic potential without the accompanying side effects. It might help increase lean muscle growth, provide bigger pumps during workouts, and reduce body fat.

However, taking Testol 140 with a protein-rich diet, a structured strength training regimen, and an active lifestyle may expedite muscle gains and performance outcomes. Staying hydrated and getting enough sleep may promote an anabolic environment to promote quality muscle gains.

Prioritizing calorie consumption, eating more carbs, doing compound lifts, and consuming healthy fats could help support your bulking goals and enhance muscle growth.

  • The details in this Testol 140 review are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice.
  • It is not recommended to disregard/delay seeking professional medical advice or treatment because of what you read or accessed through this review.
  • The results may vary from individual to individual.
  • Consult your doctor for any underlying medical conditions or if you are on any prescribed medicines before using Testol 140.
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